Black History Is American History

In 1926, Dr Carter G Woodson invented the concept of Black History Week which was celebrated for nearly half of a century. During the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement and Black Awareness Renaissance of the ’60’s and ’70’s, vocal and proactive supporters advocated that a historic commemoration of Black History become acknowledged as Black History Month. It would be celebrated during the month of February. Critics have argued that the shortest month of the year was chosen to cram the rich, varied and colorful history of a people who were not only kidnapped from their homeland and forced to provide free labor for more than two centuries, but technically built this country. They argued that a month was not enough time to disseminate the wealth of information that had been long missing in the historic mosaic of this great nation. At any rate, here we are; approximately ninety years later; still celebrating Black History as a separate entity from America’s history in total. The time is long overdue to recognize and celebrate Black History for what it is, was and always will be. BLACK AMERICAN IS AMERICAN HISTORY!

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